Lenovo Y510 laptop webcam shoots upside down in Windows 7

This is today’s PSA:

If you have a Lenovo Y510 laptop and upgraded to Windows 7, you realize that Lenovo is not going to support this laptop beyond Vista which is what it originally shipped with. One of the incompatibility issues with this 7 upgrade is that the web cam shoots upside down. I discovered this problem when I was setting up my Google Video chat and there I was essentially sitting on my head.

If you Google this problem, you will find TONS of posts of people with the exact same problem. What you don’t run across is the solution so here you go…

1. Go to the Lenovo website and download either the Windows Vista 32 bit or XP drivers. I don’t know why I chose the Vista drivers over XP version except for that I chose the Vista version and it worked. I downloaded the Y510 Lenovo Easy Camera Vista drivers at:


Driver Name: Lenovo Easy Camera Driver
Family: IdeaPad Y510
File Size: 16.9M
Driver Version:
File Format: exe
Release Date: 2008-08-21
Description: Applicable
OS: Windows Vista 32bit
Manufacturer: Lenovo
Last modified date: 2011-01-12
Download Here: IN1CAM22WW3.exe

2. Double click to open the file and it will extract the files. My files went to the folder:


In this folder was:
Lenovo Easy Camera(Bison) folder
Lenovo Easy Camera(Logitech) folder

3. I opened the Lenovo Easy Camera(Bison) folder for no other reason but when I tried it with the Logitech folder, it didn’t work.  I guess this means my camera is Bison brand.

4. Select and right click the Setup.exe file for Properties
a. Choose the Compatibility tab
b. Check the “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and choose Windows XP (Service Pack 3)
c. On this same tab, under the Privilege Level heading, check the box for “Run this program as an administrator”
d. Click Apply > OK

5. Now double click this Setup.exe file to install the driver.

6. Restart your computer when prompted.

Voila! Your webcam will be right side up now!

If this worked for you, please leave me a comment.  I’d love to know that this wasn’t written in vain.  If I left out a step, please also let me know so I can update this.  I wrote the instructions after the fact so I may have slightly missed some details (for you Chad: details… details) here or there.


  1. Juan says

    Oh my God!! You have no idea how long I have been looking for a solution to this problem! I have read tons of blogs and no one had a solution. THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!

  2. Pradeep says

    Thanks a ton. It worked finally. I tried so many drivers from different sites which was refered and of no use. This one worked. Mine was Win XP itself.

  3. LLOPImza says

    Hi I´m from Argentina.I want to thank you very much for your help.I´ve been looking for this driver since windows seven came out for the first time.Your tecnical work support is better than Microsof and Lenovo,because they don´t do the thing right than you did. Regards

  4. Kevin says

    You have my sincere thanks for posting this fix. I spent a lot of time searching for a solution with no luck and even more frustration. I love my Lenovo Y510, but having the webcam image upside down after upgrading to Windows 7 Professional 64bit was unacceptable and greatly reduced my enjoyment and satisfaction with the laptop. I’d certainly buy you a beer if I could!

    Kevin H.
    Minneapolis, Minnesota

  5. Desaree says

    Thanks so much for making this so easy!! NOw your at the top of the google search engine when u google help for this problem you should use it to your advantage and start a small help biz or something!!
    Again Thanks

  6. Christian says

    I had done that long time ago, it worked for a while and reverted to upside down display, probably due to automatic driver update.
    I run windows 7 64 bits on my Y510 and I eventually solved the problem by downloading ManyCam from ManyCam.com, after installation I flipped the displayed image, restarted my laptop and my picture is now displayed correctly in MSN, SKYPE etc. the bonus is that you can now incorporate many effects to the displayed image and the procedure is quicker than having to search the Lenovo website for drivers.
    This is of course a question of choice and preference

  7. AlCurnock says

    Thanks so much for this fix. My webcam was not only inverted, but displaying in green negative!
    Downloaded the XP version and problem sorted instantly :-)))

  8. Alice says

    all that was said above, i echo. i wouldve been able to live with me being upside down, but i know for others, especially family and people interviewing me, it would’ve given them all a headache. thank you SO much for posting this up. this was the first thing that actually helped. even the lenovo website didn’t help as much as you did. THANK YOU!

  9. brian says

    It worked for me – thanks so much!
    I tried a few different versions of the driver, though, since my model is G550.

  10. cocoadragon says

    here it is 2015 and this issue is unresolved. I was just about to do this after verifying there was not a legitimate fix. That probably saved me hours of testing and failing. I should have it in 4 tries worst case scenario now. Too bad this is such an old post or I’d be able to advise you that if you want long term support from Lenovo buy the business class laptops (I love all my T-series) or buy an Asus or MSI brand. Run like hell from Dell, HP/Compaq, & Gateway if you need a product for more than 3 years.

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