Welcome to my little corner of the OASIS!  If you really want to know me, just scroll through the thousands of photos I’ve posted over the past few years!


I specialize in loitering at coffee shops, reading old school books made out of paper, and shifting my business model and life ambitions about every ten minutes.  I am a mechanical engineer, a classically trained violinist, and a yogi.  I also frequent art museums and wine bars.

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At my first job out of college, I was traveling and visited an office where they had a family come in and cook us lowly bobo’s delicious home made food.  They gave us lunch vouchers with the expression there’s no such thing as a free lunch printed on the one side.  That was lesson one in sales.  That’s true with my website too.  It costs money to host all these random photos of my life.  I have to supplement my own time and effort with a few stray bucks here and there.  Plus these extra dollars allow me to buy coupons that I occasionally share with Chad and Josh at lunch.

So my disclaimer is that sometimes you’ll see random posts that allow me to earn advertising revenue from various sources.  I am expressing my own opinion about products and services but am not necessarily endorsing them.  As my readers, you should do your own research on products or services I may mention on this site.  Come on folks – I’m just a person like you so no need to blindly follow my advice although I seriously doubt any of you will.